Friday, September 4, 2009


i really love writing people letters.
one has the ability to be so much more creative with a pen and paper and all sorts of other things,
than with just a simple email, or whatever.
i don't get to write many letters.
sometimes i write my friend abby, who lives a few hours away in springfield.
but, she just so happens to be the worst responder on planet earth, so... :)
and i like to write my boyfriend love letters.
but, he never writes me love letters back...
(it sounds like i'm pimping myself out for a penpal, but i'm not! i swear. but, i mean...if anyone wanted... :) )

the point of this whole "letters" blog, was this:

i came home this morning and found a letter written on a piece of yellow legal pad paper.
and it was signed, Mr. Owen.
Mr. Owen is the elementary school principal where my little brother, scott, attends.
so, i read this letter (wish i could scan it) and it said something like this:

"dear scott,

thanks for all the letters.
yes, i love coming to school! everyday some kid is saying something that's making me laugh.

i'm glad you like my ties. a lot of kids seem to like my ties, i think people really pay attention to what i wear.
i'm not really sure where i get them though, as my wife picks most my ties.

you know what? i actually had corn for dinner last night! sadly, no ice cream.

mr. owen"

how kind is this?! i love that he took the time out of his day, to acknowledge my little brother. and write him back! and actually care. 
my little brother wants to be a principal now.


  1. you are terribly cute and funny dear girl! I am so excited to be in LA's class with you. I totally am the worst letter responder as well..but I bought a vintage typewriter with the intention of writing lots of letters to sweet friends! Check etsy...mine was steal. and makes letter writing a million times more enjoyable.

  2. People never realize the impact they can actually have on kids.

    This is so cool.