Thursday, September 3, 2009

today, today!

class starts today!
i'm so excited to learn all these new things.
and expand my ideas and creativity.
i'm so grateful to leigh-ann and jill.

for some reason, as far as my future business goes, i've been doubting myself the past couple of days.
i really need to shake that.
i know it's completely silly, because if i truly want this, i know i can get it done.

i have children's literature class today.
it's pretty fun. :)
i have to talk to my teacher about my story assignment today.
i hope she thinks it's a good idea...
see, i work in a grocery store, and every time this little girl comes in with her mom and big brother.
she always says, "do you know my brother is sooo silly?!"
and it's real adorable and cute.
and i actually got my idea from that.
i think it'll be a fun book.

i hope everyone has a beeeaaaauuutiful day.

1 comment:

  1. you'll do great in your class, and with your business. i have faith in you!

    and, your children's story sounds great.