Wednesday, September 23, 2009

what the!

how on earth did i miss the "first day of fall" boat?
i'm pretty disappointed. :(
my first fall day was filled with work and that's all.
and josh and i forgot to decorate our pumpkins (again), which would've been super autumn-like.
maybe i just need some hot apple cider. that'll surely cheer me up. :)

i can't wait for coats and scarves.
and sweaters. 
and boots.

it's still so warm here, though!
i don't even understand it.
it really needs to chill up a bit.

the kittens josh and i acquired are completely evil.
the only nice one is sam.
richie and boyd were being so, so mean last night.
i'm pretty sad about it.
i hope they aren't mean their entire lives. :(


  1. im so excited for autumn! the decor, the craft fairs, the EVERYTHING. It's our favorite time of the year.

    Unfortunately, Florida doesn't have much for season changes!

  2. if they're males, they'll be mean until you get them fixed. my cat back home got fixed really early on in life and has always been more than a sweetie with the occasional hissy fit(haha had to do it). while on the other hand, my manmate's cat has never been fixed and is a complete jerk.

    i'm sending you virtual apple cider. everyone's telling me about this caramel apple spice thing at starbucks that sounds delicious, so i thought i'd spread the news if you didn't know about it (because i didn't! i'm not in the java loop i guess).