Monday, September 7, 2009

yesterday i had to work from 8:30 am til 5 pm.
and i did everything BUT work.
for instance, i brought my knitting, because i figured i'd have plenty of time to practice. (which i did.)
it was fun.
i'm finding knitting to be very relaxing.
i also bought a manicure kit.
and did my own french manicure. 
they obviously aren't salon worthy, but i couldn't care less.
it was $3 and if you don't look at them right up close, they're lovely!

i had the day off today, and josh and i slept in. (much needed.)
then, we got food and a coffee for me.
and we watched 2 episodes of "one tree hill."
it's his favorite show, and i used to watch it, so i'm trying to get back into it.

i really want to start painting.

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  1. i bought a "for real" knitting book saturday--so excited to start!

    glad to hear it's not too frustrating.