Monday, October 26, 2009

boys wanna be her.

"boys wanna be her" by peaches.
i don't know about everyone else, but this song just makes me feel like a complete and total badass.
and obviously, i mean, CLEARLY, the song was written about me.
at least, that's how i feel when i listen to it.
a girl can dream!

money is against me.
for the second time, in roughly a month, i'm going to be missing a ton of work.
from a financial standpoint, i'm hating life.
i wish i didn't have to rely on kroger for money and a job.
i want to work for myself.
doing only things i love.
someday this will happen. or else. (rlstine.)

my boyfriend has been on the phone with his bff, jason for over an hour now.
this is pretty much a daily thing.
they're obviously dating behind my back.
(not joking. i wouldn't be surprised.)
(okay, i'm a little joking.)
(very joking. i think.)

1 comment:

  1. i know what you mean about life sucking from a financial standpoint--and i am totally not old!

    joking. i feel like i am alot, but then again the majority of the time i still feel twelve.

    manmate and his bff dave openly joke about having a relationship, so we're in the same boat.