Sunday, October 4, 2009

i finished another painting last night.
so, it was my third, but only the second one that i've liked and actually plan to sell.
after i get a couple more done, i'm going to list them on etsy.
it shouldn't take long.
i guess it depends on which style i'm doing, but like, the one i did last night only took me about ten minutes. 
i told josh, "if i could sell these as quick as i paint them, i'd be set."
if only!

i started writing a young adult novel a couple of days ago.
who knows if it'll actually go anywhere...but the start is probably the best i've had.
hopefully i can keep it going.
i love writing. and i used to be all about it when i was younger, but then i just quit and didn't care anymore.
now that i'm taking children's literature, i'm really into it again.
one problem: my children's book is due in like, two weeksish...and i haven't even finished the story. let alone done the drawings or anything. 

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