Saturday, October 24, 2009


josh and i got the swine flu.
awesome. right?
our cases aren't as bad as they could be, tho.
we have the respiratory kind, also.
mine is just cough, sore throat, and super severe headaches.
it still really sucks, tho.
but, it comes and goes.
i am glad that we're sick together, tho. and we don't have to be apart.
so, we're quarantined together for the next week, or so.

last night, i watched the documentary "Born Into Brothels."
it was completely heartbreaking.
i just can't believe the fact that things like that happen in this world.
and it honestly makes me so pissed off at myself for ever being ungrateful for all the wonderful things i have, or complaining over stupid, small things that any of those kids would be so happy to have.
and hearing the wisdom in these children's voices, children as young as 10 years old, just sets something off in me. i can't even explain it.
i hate the feeling of wanting to do something so bad, but not knowing what i can do. you know?
but when i hear a little boy, say about a little girl in his school that he knows her fate is prostitution and he just "wants to rescue her and take her away." i know that something needs to be done. obviously.
it's so tough.

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