Monday, August 31, 2009


it's been awhile since i've cleaned my bedroom.
honestly, it's a complete and total trash dump.
this seriously needs to change.
cleanliness and organization is something that is really important to me to work into my life.
seeing as how i'm trying to start a business.
and it's probably just a better way to live and all that good stuff.

something that i've actually been thinking about for awhile now came up in discussion with my mom today.
and i'm very excited that i've got the ok go.
she's even the one who brought it up, which made extra pleased.
my grandma is getting a new living room suite.
and my mom wants her old one for our living room upstairs.
and she's just going to donate the furniture.
and i was like, "i love this! GIVE IT TO ME."
and she was all, "yeah! let's just put that in your room." :)
so, since i'm never really sleeping at home anymore, half-living with josh, i'm going to turn my old bedroom into an office/workspace.
i couldn't be more thrilled about this.

so, tomorrow it begins.
i'm cleaning my room.
and organizing.
and i have to also try and stop being such a packrat.
wish me luck!


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