Wednesday, September 2, 2009


yesterday, i fell in love with this little girl and her cute little story.
"freckleface strawberry!"
by julianne moore. (the actress)
i know it's become quite trendy for actors to become authors lately.
but, she is one of the few who has truly pulled this off, in my opinion.
and the illustrations are just beautiful and adorable.
if you have children, i really suggest this read.
and even if you don't, pick it up and read it and admire the art.
it's fun and cute!

oh, and it's illustrated by: LeUyen Pham.


  1. I really liked the illustration of the little girl you posted and thought I'd share a favorite with you that I thought you may like...

    Hero Bear and the Kid...

  2. what an adorable illustration! redheads and freckles, couldn't get any better :). lol

  3. soooo cute! i have a children's book collection...i should add this one to it. i'm always finding books that i want my future babies to have so i just buy them on the spot. haha! my book collection probably looks ridiculous. :)