Saturday, September 26, 2009


i gave myself fringes last night.
who knew i was so good at cutting hair?
especially after josh's "bob" disaster...
also pictured in one of those is one of josh and mine's new cats.
we gave boyd away. :( it was kinda sad, but he was also sort of a jerk.
so, we're okay.
last night, we were going to try and give sam and richie away, too.
but when this girl started to talk about wanting them and blahblahblah, i just went to talk to josh...
and i started BAWLING MY EYES OUT. 
so, we're going to try and keep sam and richie. i just can't part with them.
i had no idea i was so attached already.


  1. DUDE, why is it so hard for us to give away kitties?

    I have two and I can't seem to part with mine either (even though I'm about to be kicked out of my apt because of them)!

    I just love them too much.

    But great bangs, btw.
    I'm a big fan of them,
    and you did do a good job ;)

  2. i like your fringe :)


  3. looks so cute. I wish I was talented enough to give myself haircuts!

  4. every time i try to cut my bangs, it ends up a disaster. your's look so good.

    oh kittens. they're too cute. we saw one running around the edge of the walmart parking lot. we tried to save it, but it was not having it.

  5. Love your bangs! So cute!! I am always afraid to trim my bangs but I hate going in and paying just to have them trimmed. I need to get brave and just do it!

  6. Oh I like it!! I ruin my hair anytime I cut it myself! lol yet I still do it :) probably even tonight bc I can't wait til Sat!!!