Friday, September 25, 2009

i just put up my etsy shop, but i have no items listed yet.
but, you can find it under Tea Party Pretty.
i'll post about it more when it's actually, really, truly up and running.

i was out in my garage trying to find some old stuff, and i came across an old box that was filled with small items from my grandparents' wedding and also some old love letters between the two of them.
i only opened one to begin with because i saw my grandpa's signature and was curious.
and i read it.
and then, i saw a bunch more, but i felt a little nosy reading into them.
maybe some other time.

i have a work meeting tonight.
i hate going into work when i'm not working.
especially since these meetings are infamous for lasting hours.
i can't wait for the day that i'm my own boss.
tea party...please come alive soon! 


  1. going in to work when you don't have to is the worst! my boss always thinks i want to stick around and chit-chat...but i don't. no way.

    that's really cute about your grandparents' love letters, but i would feel the same way--like i'm looking at something I shouldn't.

    tea party will happen! i have faith!

  2. Congrats on the Etsy shop!

    Let us know when it's up and we'll all come visit :)