Friday, September 11, 2009

i ordered my new glasses today.
and i must say, they're extremely cute.
i can't wait to get them.

my mom is in the process of cooking a mix of zucchini, green pepper, and mushroom for lunch.
yum. :)

my boyfriend runs a concert venue, "the well."
usually it's just hardcore and metal type stuff, i guess.
but tonight, i think it'll be a really good show.
bradley hathaway is performing. (check him out.)
on top of being interesting, he's also pretty nice to look at.

i skip math too much.


  1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment on my blog today.

    Those are going to be some cute glasses to wear!

    And yes, we were thinking of the Royal Tennenbaum's dog when we named him (and also of Jeff Buckley the singer)!

  2. i totally didn't even go to school today--next week will be better!