Thursday, September 10, 2009


why can't every single outfit zooey deschanel wears, or looks at, in the cotton commercial belong to me?


last night, josh brought me cinnastix home from dominos.
and he also brought home one of those chocolate lava crunch cake things, 
but i didn't think it was for me.
so, i didn't touch it or anything.
and when he came to our room, he was like, "you didn't even see it!"
and he opened the cake box.
and he wrote on the lid:

"i love you! you are so much sweeter than this little cake!"

it was just the cutest thing. :)

i bought some canvases.
and some paints.
and i'm going to become a painter, obviously.

eye appointment tomorrow!
i'm finally getting new glasses, and i'm real excited.

and i'm on leave from work until i see my doctor.
i haven't decided how i feel about this.

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  1. Oh I love that commercial! That girl has good taste in clothes and of course looks good in everything!