Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"freckleface strawberry" came in the mail today.
just in time!
i'm reading to a group of preschoolers tomorrow for children's literature.
i also just finished reading that book, "project mulberry."
now, i just need to answer three questions about the book, and i'll be all set for tomorrow.
i still need to pick two other children's books to take to the school tomorrow.

last night, i got to go to a laundromat for the first time ever in my life.
i don't know why, but this is something i've always wanted to do, sooo badly. :)
so, josh and i went.
and we played lots of pinball.
and he is so much better than me, but i don't even care, because Mr. Iusedtohaveapinballmachineinmyhouse has had way more practice. 

also, i'm loving "one tree hill."
i mean, i figured i would, because i used to.
but, it's probably better to me now that i'm not like, 12 or something.

i was sick today. again.
which means next weeks check is definitely going to suck.
total bummer.
i need like, $500. NEED. for chicago.
HELLO, at the aquarium you can get IN THE WATER with BELUGA. WHALES.
which just so happens to be my most favorite animal.
it costs $200, tho. :(
the other $300 is for shopping, of course. duh.


  1. oh my gosh, you HAVE to get in the water with that whale. if you put a donate button on your page, i would totally give you, like, five dollars (because that's all I have :)).

    i think it's so cute that you guys played pinball at the laundromat.

  2. ok, you are too cute!! That is my favorite animal too!! I would love to go see that :)
    Ummm...Frank Lloyd Wright has an entire neighborhood up there practically that he designed. His work is amazing, that is my suggestion and Jeremy Larson is playing a show up there in two weeks maybe if you are there then you can see it. He is amazing live :)

  3. Whenever I was little my clothes would pile up so bad my mom would drop my sister and I off at the laundry-mat all day. (we were like 8 and 10 i believe)


  4. "baby balugaaa, baby balugaaaa..."

    ^ I used to sing a song like this in kindergarten while holding little cardboard whales on a stick. :)

  5. :) I love this post! I hope you get your monies! I went to a laundry mat once lol - sounds rotten/snotty. It's always interesting :)