Wednesday, September 9, 2009

first things first, i need some SERIOUS help on learning how to fix this blog up.
it's very drab and i just need to make it a little more fun to look at, more cute and exciting.
any tips?
please and thanks.

so, i have it figured out that if i take 15 credit hours next semester, and then 9 credit hours over the summer...
i can be subbing by next fall!
i'm so excited about this.
it's definitely good news.

i have a book project due tomorrow.
and i just started the book yesterday...
i have a lot of work to do, obviously.
i didn't even mean to procrastinate this time, i promise!

we're getting two more cats tomorrow.
my family is one collective old cat lady, seriously.
we already have five.
and we're getting one of our kittens back from my friend, leah.
AND, her other cat. 
so crazy.

business class is going very well. 
i'm just completely loving every single bit of knowledge i'm gaining.
jill and leigh-ann are such lovely ladies.

1 comment:

  1. aww, i'm dying for cat!

    but i rent, and they don't allow them :(.

    i seriously messed with my blog for months to get it where it is now, and i still wish it had more.

    good luck with blog beautifying and book projecting.