Tuesday, September 8, 2009

so blessed.

i'm so grateful to be so blessed with such a wonderful family.
when i was living at home-which i suppose i technically still am, i haven't officially moved out-it was a lot tougher for me to relate to my parents, and i had a very hard time getting along with my dad.
but, since i'm feeling a tad more independent these days, and my parents have been so respectful of that, it's been tons better.
my parents are very encouraging of me and want for me what i think is best for me.
they care about what i like and my ideas, and i'm really beginning to see that a lot more.

for instance, my mom and i were having our usual morning coffee and talk time.
and i brought up that i don't think school is right for me.
it doesn't feel like the right direction for me.
i have no desire or interest.
i said that i think i want to just meet my 60 hours for my associate's for now, and be a substitute teacher and work on my business.
and she said she saw nothing wrong with that, and i could always go back.
i love that she was so understanding of me and the way i think and feel.

i'm glad i'm beginning to see my parents in a new and refreshing light.


  1. I was the same way. Only I didn't really develop a strong relationship with my parents until I moved out. It seems that the older I get, the better our relationship gets.

  2. your idea sounds like a really good one, and it's awesome when parents out of nowhere decide to agree with you and support you (mine have started doing it all the time since i moved out).

    can i just say you'd be the cutest sub ever?