Friday, September 18, 2009


josh and i cancelled our chicago trip for this weekend.
the timing just isn't right.
financially, it's a really bad time for me.
and i want to be able to go when we can experience and enjoy lots of things.
and he agrees. 
so, we're staycationing! :)

after the show, saturday night, it'll start.
and last til tuesday morning.
and i just can't even wait.
i suppose it won't be all that much different.
but, we're cutting out phone use.
and computer use. (minus when he needs to play poker.)
and just generally enjoying each others wonderful company.
which we do all the time, anyways, but this just seems so fun and cute to me!

the other night when we went grocery shopping, they had baby pumpkins out in the produce section, and he picked up a real tiny one for me.
and then, i picked up a little bit of a bigger one for him.
and we're going to paint them and decorate them on the staycation. :)
he's doing mine, and i'm doing his. fun!

he's so supportive and encouraging.
and he always helps me out.
he's so there for me.
and i'm so in love.

oh, belugs. :)