Monday, September 21, 2009

additions to the family.

staycation is going quite nicely.
manu and i have been watching lots of "friends", lots of "one tree hill," and we're going to watch "the notebook."
and we've talked lots.
and just generally had a real nice time.

we've also made some additions to our little family.
we got three kittens. three!
we were at wal-mart a couple of days ago.
and a couple was giving them away.
and instead of just one, josh said, "we'll take all three."
i was like, "ahhhhh!" :)
i have the best boyfriend. ever.
we named them sam farha (after a poker player), boyd (after our friend, matt boyd), and richie (as in tenenbaum).
they're very cute, and we love them soooo. (pictures later, obviously.)

also, i got my glasses.
basically...i love them.
but, i am not loving the fact that the dr. decided he needed to look at one of my eyes, for a literal twenty seconds, and then charge me $19 for it. thanks, jerk! :)

i have my online discussion with jill of lune vintage tonight.
i'm very excited. 

back to staycation!

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