Monday, September 14, 2009

found some d's.

since i'm currently not working, i'm basically flat broke.
this week's check and next week's are going entirely towards meeting my car payment.
so, you'll imagine my excitement and surprise to find $13 extra dollars in my work apron.
it sounds so small, but i'm thrilled! :)

some pretty pictures for you:

images courtesy of: bleubird vintage and tumblr.


  1. Any amount of "extra" cash these days IS a happy thing :) I just recently got a job (after almost 4 months without one), and since it doesn't pay that much, I know how it feels to have to give up your last few dollars for BILLS. Ugh.

  2. I love finding surprise money! I have a pretty little bag I keep all the cards I recieve (for birthdays, Christmas, etc) in. I went through it one day because I was bored, and I found a $20 bill, and a gift card to Borders. It was like Christmas all over again, hehe.